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A Zambian sex worker, Judith Mwila of Chawama, who has been in the business for years, said many men no longer went for locals, claiming that Zimbabwean sex workers were ‘more active and sweet in bed’.

The vast majority (95%) reported having taken at least one HIV test, of whom, 68% tested within the past year and 98% received test results.16 One Zambian study investigated the link between the scale-up of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), and sex workers' vulnerability to HIV.Sources have just leaked the despicable photo a while ago.The patent pending Singles Around Me (SAM) app is the new cool way to find singles in Zambia and pinay sex hookups it is a must have app for singles on the go like you.It found that many sex workers were ill informed about VMMC and its HIV prevention benefits.Mr Ngoma said the issue was getting out of hand because even young men were flocking to the two brothels because there services were affordable.“It is outrageous because boys are also flocking to these brothels and paying for cheap sex,” Mr Ngoma said.

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