Updating bios for asus motherboard

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Updating bios for asus motherboard

Note: HP users may download Windows BIOS updater from HP website, extract *file and locate ISO image for burning to a CD. To use the biosdisk utility to create a BIOS flash image, first download the latest raw BIOS image for your system from your manufacturer's website.Using CD, upgrade is possible from BIOS menu using 'Firmware Upgrade' without using below tools. Make sure however, that you always get the BIOS executable and NOT the Windows executable.Large vendors including Dell and Logitech use this way to distribute firmware updates to Linux.

Not in the case of ASUS motherboards though, as the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer has released a dedicated software solution that can make the entire process a lot easier.Warning: Flashing motherboard BIOS is a dangerous activity that can render your motherboard inoperable!While the author of this article has successfully run this procedure many times, your mileage may vary. You may want to consider updating microcode instead if it is supported by your system.Finally, you may copy everything you want to flash there (BIOS, firmwares, etc).doesn't support versions of Free DOS more recent than 1.0 (current version is 1.2).

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Flashromis a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips.

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