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But I thought it would take 10 years to happen.”Riyaad Minty, head of social media for the Al Jazeera Network who has covered the uprisings of the Arab Spring, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, tells the comparisons between the Wall Street demonstrations and those in, say, Egypt or Yemen, where protestors, even children, are being shot to death, are not that far-fetched.Americans, Minty says, “may be able to vote for a new government, but you’re not going to change the fiscal policy of America overnight….Highlights include high Twitter hashtag rankings, realtime crowd-sourced mapping, SEO optimization, and the possible involvement of Wiki Leaks and hacker collective Anonymous.Many protestors cited demonstrations in Egypt–and their use of social media to jump-start a revolution–as an inspiration.There are several websites with some connection to #occupywallstreet, but not necessarily to each other, such as Adbusters, NYC General Assembly, The US Day of Rage, several Facebook pages for both the New York event and gatherings in other cities, along with a roster of heartbreaking personal stories on the Tumblr blog We Are The 99 Percent.Take the Square tracks the global wave of recent occupations, such as those in Cairo, Portugal, Tel Aviv, and Madrid.

A hotly anticipated hacker tool from Anonymous called #Ref Ref never surfaced; its rumored due date was September 17th. The much-hyped (and made in Manhattan) social app Foursquare got little to no use at the #occupywallstreet protests.Meanwhile, a panel truck marked “Wiki Leaks” drove around the financial district.When approached, the grinning drivers offered no coherent answer for why they were there and what they were doing.Volunteer Harrison Schultz, a self-described “business intelligence analyst” who is completing a Ph D in sociology, worked on SEO for the site.He said, “I used business techniques to help this movement.” Schultz also said he got help with this endeavor from his new boss at his day job.

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A self-described anarchist, Patrick said that the protest was discussed in Reddit groups on anarchism, socialism, and libertarianism.

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