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Your contributions go towards Group Expenses such a, group e-literature, a group website and Fellowship World Wide Services (Be mindful of your own needs first, and give only as you can.A few minutes before it is time for the meeting to start, go to on “join meeting,” and enter meeting ID:633-543-389 or click We have room for a maximum of 25 participants.If there is enough demand, we may add additional meetings in the future.

This is a group set up for the Bromley area focusing on the basics of the SLAA Program.At the bottom of the corridor our room is the last on the left.If you are still struggling, then most people working in the building know where the 12-step-fellowship room is, as it is used by other fellowships.Go through this gateway walking down the side of the church, ducking under the low stone arch, and you will approach a set of blue fire-doors that provide access to this side of the building.The doors will normally be open by 9.00am, so go in and turn right down the corridor.

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Group conscious has asked that we all keep video enabled when we are on.