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Monsterbedriften online dating

Jeg skal forresten i dp p sndag, jeg har rollen som fotograf slsj gjest.

S den minste av sjarmtrollene fr dere se mer av fremover.

We had thai soup for lunch and tapas for dinner, and I went to bed feeling both lucky to be invited, and with a calmness inside that I get only there.

When I got home the day after, I finally had the time to hang my big, beautiful world map up over the couch in time for december, with help from my mom and sister.

My family is proud of me, and thats the greatest feeling in the world. A mix of cellphone- and camera pictures, summer purchases from ebay, inspiration, workout selfies, and other creatures enjoying the beautiful weather. My own mind slips, dreaming of our honeymoon to come, and Dubrovniks getting near too.

I so far love my new part time job, and I finally have time to work on my graphic design skills as well as photography once again. The seventeenth of may is our National Day in Norway.

Except that I am a little crazy around christmas too. Every birthday I realize all over again how lucky I am. Brtt mtte vi p en gjeng andre, og vips - babys convention. S, her har dere en haug med halv-gode bilder fra dagen.

All over town is women dressed in national costumes, men wearing handsome suits, final-year students dressed in red overalls and over-the-top-drunk celebrating thirteen years of school done. So now the kid has a butterfly sleeve in the kindergarden ? Vi hadde forresten innflytningsfest i gr, og det var virkelig hla i taket og tenna i tapeten. Vi fr ikke nett fr sjette september, s det blir nok veldig tynt med oppdateringer til den tid.

My dads newest edition to the family, little Ludvig.

It spreads joy to have a little puppy running around again, with all its curiosity and positive energy.

Im a crazy bitch when it comes to my birthday: everything has to be perfect, I often skip school and basically do whatever the hell I want. When you top that with alot of school work, my newly established copany, somewhat desperate last-minute wedding planning and my lack of energy, the blog isnt my main priority.

Itsday, and I use the phrase "Well, because its my birthday! I drank my first sunshine beer at four oclock, wore a crown for my bday dinner and yeah, you get the idea. So Im sorry for my shitty updating, but my reason is good.

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I feel I kicked of the Christmas celebrations at my aunts house, surrounded by friends and laughter.