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At Christmas, Wexford and Burden are called to the Kingsmarkham Hospital.

A baby has been stolen from its pram and another baby left behind in its place, and it seems that the mother of the stolen child may also be in danger.

Unaware that Bob and Magdalene are the adulterers who murdered their spouses and faked the suicide pact, Susan offers her neighbour comfort, which he pretends to accept in order to find out how much she knows.

The first six series were released on VHS on 21 January 2000 via IMC Vision.

Created by renowned author Ruth Rendell, the first six series focused entirely on Rendell's main literary character Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, played by George Baker.

Repeat airings of these series change the programme's title to The Inspector Wexford Mysteries.

He becomes obsessed with proving that she is an imposter, even getting permission to travel as far afield as the USA and France to do so.Although he should be resting, Wexford's dreams have drawn him towards Mike's case of a young murdered girl left lying in a vault, and a strong connection to the baby adoption business.Margaret Parsons, a fairly ordinary housewife who, with her water board official husband Ron, has recently moved to Kingsmarkham, is found murdered in a field. Parsons led an extremely uneventful life, being a lay preacher, but Inspector Wexford is intrigued when he is looking through her belongings and fine a number of expensive antique books all inscribed 'From Doon to Minna'. When Wexford and Burden go on a holiday to France together with their wives, they meet an alluring English couple.An overall total of fifty-five episodes featured Inspector Wexford, alongside his wife Dora (Louie Ramsay) and sidekick DI Mike Burden (Christopher Ravenscroft).A total of twenty-nine episodes focused on other characters.

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Wexford collapses from overwork so is put on a month's leave.

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