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He was diagnosed 18 months ago, and he quickly became dependent on his wife Lucy’s care.

Mike often pitched in too, spending the occasional night at their house and acting as a father figure to Lucy and Luke’s three young kids.

My issue is with the people who take it upon themselves to become guests or audience members.

At one wedding, people plopped down on the grass and started recording and taking photos.

I just found out that for the past year, Lucy and Mike have been having an affair.

After Luke passes, Mike will divorce me and, in an appropriate amount of time, marry her. Obviously telling Luke would be cruel, so I don’t plan on that—but if there’s any hope of saving my marriage, I need to act sooner than later.

Tell him you love him and want him to be successful—and have often offered him financial support in the past—but you’re his friend, not Lorenzo de Medici, and he can’t hold his friends responsible for his career choices. Whether or not to have kids: I am a 41-year-old woman married to a 31-year-old man. We had originally resigned ourselves to not having kids and using our “parenting” powers by being positive examples and influences in our niece and nephew’s lives.

Some of the couples I marry opt for a simple elopement ceremony with a couple friends, or family members, or sometimes none at all.

They pick local beautiful parks for the ceremony site, and we find a quiet corner to do the ceremony.

It’s possible to have a good, happy life both with Q. (I work for corporate and he works for the branch location, but we’re in the same office.) Even so, friends have said don’t do it because we are in the same office.

Wine whine: About two years ago, I started brewing wine as a hobby. Like I said, it’s just a crush, so I have no idea if he is even interested in me.

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