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Maybe it is this virtue that made this small country an economic world power.

Egalitarian society The Netherlands has an egalitarian society.

In order to deliver good work, the Dutch like to consider the risks and consequences of everything they do, well in advance. In the case something does go wrong, the Dutch individual will take full responsibility for the consequences.

I am now used to making my own photocopies and coffee.

Once you know the rules here it is very pleasant and productive to work in such an open society." A visiting Japanese CEO asked, "If the CEO is pouring his own coffee, what kind of power can he hold in the company?

Although up to 40 percent of the Dutch say they have no religion, Calvinism still strongly influences their values and beliefs.

This Protestant Christian religion, introduced in the 16th century, dictates individual responsibility for moral salvage from the sinful world through introspection, total honesty, soberness, rejection of pleasure and the enjoyment of wealth.

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The Dutch are distrustful of very polite conversations, afraid that an unpleasant message may be hidden which they are unable to detect.