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Dating eighteen

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Rob Curtis, the current managing director of Gaydar, told Buzz Feed News: “Eighteen years ago, Henry and his partner Gary revolutionised the way that gay men meet, and in doing so created a safer environment for LGBT people everywhere.

The Gaydar team is shocked and saddened to hear of Henry’s passing and send our sincerest sympathies to Henry’s friends and family.”Frisch and Badenhorst had come to London two years earlier to set up a revenue management company called QSoft.

Growing up in a conservative, suburban, religious Afrikaans household in Johannesburg, Badenhorst could not have dreamed of what he would later create.

He told me in 2009 while I was interviewing him for the Observer: “When I was a teenager I knew I was gay but I thought I was the only one; but these days boys go online and see there are plenty of gay men.” He also could not grasp the multitude of connections – from fleeting trysts to long-term relationships – he had facilitated: “It’s only when you meet people and they tell you how it’s affected their lives that you go back and think, ‘This is what I’ve done.’”If anything, this – preventing millions from believing themselves to be alone – is the legacy Badenhorst leaves behind.

The couple dreamed up the website after a gay friend of theirs had been complaining about how hard it was to find a boyfriend on existing online dating sites.

The burger-loving, aspiring writer was the newest member to join the Southside Serpents. As much as I hate saying this, Jughead made the smart move by joining the Southside Serpents. I'm hating myself right now.) No one in the gang was going to listen to him. Now that he's a member of the group, the others should (hopefully) start listening to him. The Southside Serpents would've gotten into A LOT of trouble if they had gone through with their bombing of the Riverdale Register.

Sure, this is all part of a master plan, but he's a bad boy now. We've seen throughout Riverdale Season 2 that the group still views him as a North Riverdale transplant.

Badenhorst and Frisch introduced live chatrooms, sophisticated search facilities – including location searches enabling you to find the nearest gay men looking to meet – and, perhaps most important, profile pages.

These provided numerous photographic features and endless capacity for people to convey who they were, what they liked and what they were looking for. Gaydar enabled gay men in the closet, in the countryside, in countries where it was illegal, and in open, metropolitan environments alike to meet.

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