Crown college dating rules

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Crown college dating rules

Though the college fully qualifies for government-funded student loans and grants, we have chosen not to accept federal aid in order to protect our unique mission and purpose.

It’s dated 2009-2010, but it’s still the version they’re linking to today.

Crown College isn’t a regionally or nationally accredited college, but is recognized as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Although Crown College is some 10 hours from the Duggars’ home in Arkansas, it is close to the Bates, their good friends who star on UP TV’s .

Since 1991, we have been training men and women to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

The burden of my heart is to enlist people in the cause of Christ, to train and equip them to continue in “the heritage of the servants of the LORD.” Our name, “Crown College,” is a constant reminder of our purpose.

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Not only do they suck any type of freedom out of you, but I would be in serious trouble if I hugged a female friend, gave a woman a ride home even if she desperately needed one, or dated a white person without first getting my parents’ approval: Apparently, if you don’t ban interracial dating like Bob Jones University used to do, then it’s ok…