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The Israeli method for cotton cultivation is being applied in countries like India and Ethiopia, that need to increase their production.Israeli bio-technology is the first in the world in continuously developing new methods for improving the production in food industry.Israel takes the third place in number of businessmen per capita, and the absolute first place in number of female entrepreneurs in the world, as well as for people aged over 55 having independent business activities.All Arab countries have an overwhelmingly prevailing arid land.The date palm is a typical Middle Eastern tree, usually associated with the Bedouins as a primary food resource.An average palm yields about 17-18 kilos of dates a year.

Only Palestinians, most of whom have received Israeli schooling, and Jordan, have over 90% literacy rate.3 Arab countries below 60%, other 2 do not reach 70%, other 5 between 70% and 80%The inequality is quite noticeable except in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, countries in which the majority of the population are immigrants who have been educated in their homelands.

Israel has the highest rate of female entrepreneurs in the world.

Gender discrimination against women and domestic violence are a general feature in the whole Arab world, even in the most socially developed countries as Jordan.

After its success in Israel, this method has been applied also in the American Continent and recently developed a new saving water irrigation technology that consists in collecting dew.

This system conveys other ecological advantages, such as reducing also the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

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In the whole Arab world, about 50% of Arab native women are illiterate.