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Antyki online dating

ONLINE SHOP REGULATIONS The owner of an online store registered under the domain is a Redenberg limited liability company with office registered at ul. Henryk Dabrowski 58/4, 41-500 Chorzow, entered in the register kept by the District Court Katowice-East in Katowice VIII Economic Division of the National Court Register, with KRS number 0000444094, holding tax identification number: 6272734216, e-mail: [email protected], phone: 48 501170055 hereinafter referred to as "Seller".

Seller conducts trade activity in terms of sales, antique furnitures, books, paintings, clocks and others.

a parent), a legal person, an organizational entity not a legal person that the law recognizes the legal capacity which respectively acquired or intends to acquire goods from the Shop (the Buyer) or who uses or intends to use the service "My Account" (User). Consumer - means a natural person performing a legal act not related directly with his trade or profession. My Account / User Account - for each individual panel's running on his behalf by the Seller after the User Registration, under which services are provided by the shop service for customers, in order to facilitate the conclusion of the contract of sale at a distance and contact the Store, settlement agreements, allow planning by the user purchases and tracking of selected goods. Cart is interactive form available on the website used to contact the Store and allow the submission of an offer to purchase by the Purchaser. Contact details mean: a) in the case of natural persons: name, address of permanent residence, mailing address - if different from the registration address, email address, telephone number.

If the ordered service concerns of business activity contact details of the individual shall also include the name and tax identification number (NIP); b) in the case of legal persons or organizational unit who is not a legal person, the law recognizes the legal capacity: name, location, address, tax identification number (NIP), e-mail address, telephone number. Regulations - these Regulations to provide services electronically within an online store 2.

In this case, the effect of terminating the contract at the moment of realization of the contract. The seller may cancel the contract for the provision of the service "My Account" in case of a breach by User of the provisions of these Regulations. through the internet payment system Pay U § 7 Implementation of Orders and Deliveries 1.The rules for concluding agreements on sales of products using services to the Shop; 4. In order to use the Store client should have access to a computer station or terminal device, which has: a) access to the Internet; b) correctly configured any web browser; c) active and properly configured e-mail account. E-Shop allows you to order the services using commonly available software.The technical requirements necessary to support the ICT system (PC, laptop, etc.) Used by the customer, 5. in the form of web browsers that accept cookie files, eg .: browser Firefox version 3 or later, Opera version 9 or later, the Chrome version 10 or later, Internet Explorer version 7 or later and Safari. Shop with the prior consent of the purchaser, user or their representative stored on their computer cookies that are necessary: to conclude the sales contract at a distance, its performance service "My account" and to facilitate the User the Buyer of Use Shop by maintain session (by which it is unnecessary to re-type your password) and the creation of viewing statistics pages. The files introduced by the store to your PC Buyer's or their representative not collect their personal data, do not affect the configuration of the operating system or software and can be removed at any time. The user may at any time remove placed cookies or block the placement of cookies using options in the web browser.The use of any content contained in the e-Shop only for personal use; 3.The use of the e-Store in accordance with the provisions of Polish law, the provisions of the Rules and the general principles of using the Internet.

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§ 13 Entry into force and changes in the Regulations 1.